All the Amaara herb blends are purely organic and natural with no added artificial flavours, aroma or sweeteners to them.

Do you offer gift wrapping?

Yes, we love it when you consider our brews as a great gift of health for your loved ones. We offer premium gift packaging and also some expert-curated gift hampers for you, check it on the gifting section of our website.

  • Do Your Herbal Teas Have Caffeine?

No. We do not use the plant Camellia sinensis, or tea. Our herbal tea is technically a tisane or infusion. The herbs we grow and blend do not contain caffeine

  • And You Drink Your Herbal Teas As Iced Tea?

Yes! We encourage creativity. Our teas are well suited to offer cool, refreshing flavours on warm summer days. As well as calm, relaxing warmth on chilly winter nights. They taste perfect just about everywhere in between, too.

  • Does it contain sugar?

All our brews are 100% sugar-free. However, some of our brews might contain very mild natural sweeteners because of natural ingredients.

  • How are your herbal beverages useful?

What we become largely depends on what food choices we make every day. Our herbal beverages are a healthier alternative to kickstart your day on a refreshing and energised note. Our range of herb brews collection might help you achieve your fitness goals and stay healthy

  • Are You Certified Organic?

Not yet! We value organic farming and food production practices. We are in the process of obtaining our organic certification