Genuine Admetrika Review

Genuine Admetrika Review

Admetrika Review : Genuine Review With Earning Reports,

Payment Proof And CPC Rates

admetrika review

Admetrika Review: An Advertising network for publishers and advertisers 

Admetrika is a advertising network which offers many different types of monetization opportunities to owners of the website and advertising agencies while allowing advertisers to reach millions of targeted users across the globe.

This network pays you for both impressions and clicks, its revenue model is CPC and CPM. Admetrika is a non-adult advertising network ,so you can monetize only non adult content websites with it. Admetrika provide all standard and non standard banner sizes, so you could without any difficulty monetize your website with it. Admetrika help you to track your income in real time which lets you to quickly optimize your ad units for first-rate performance. Admetrika shows you detailed stats and allows you to export your stats in different format.
Aside from the high quality banner ads, Admetrika also provide some helpful services such as

  • average minimum payout limit
  • timely payouts,
  • two different payment options
  • and a very detailed stats reporting system.



Establish Year



Network Type

CPC, CPM, POP, Direc Link

Min. Payment

$50 via paypal, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, Payza and Paxum

Payment Frequency

NET 30






Contact Number

Network Name



How to join Admetrika?

Visit to Admetrika Signup Page and get yourself registered as a Publisher. Admetrika review your application before approving the account. Ihey may take 24 hours to review your websites. You will get notified through E-Mail.

Admetrika for Publishers

Admetrika can monetize you with your visitors by displaying recommendation ads in places on your website that you might not have even thought of.

Admetrika is a free, simple way to make money online by placing ads on your website

Admetrika Review : Rules for Publishers

  • Through Admetrika you can monetize only your non-adult websites or blogs. Admetrika does not allows adult content.
  • The websites of publishers must not contain any objectionable content.
  • You cannot click on your own ads, if you are a publisher.
  • Being a publisher, you  must not generate artificial traffic at any cost. You must not use bots, autosurfers, proxies and auto refreshing sites to send traffic.

Admetrika For Advertisers

Admetrika provides a set of tools for advertisers with increased ease of use of retargeting efficiencies and selective bidding, which together help marketers generate more revenue from their investments.



FAQ’S For Publisher On Admetrika

1. Admetrika Network Ad Format?

Admetrika works on only banner ads. The publishers can have access to all sizes. Remember to place banners within the fold to attract               visitors.

2. Admetrika Network Payment Proof & Earning Reports?

If You Got Paid By This Network Kindly Send us Screenshots of Payment Proof By Click on Below submit payment proof button.

3. Admetrika Network Minimum Payouts?

Payment Frequency of Admetrika Network is based on NET30.  The minimum payout limit on Admetrika is 50$.

4. HillTopAds Network CPC, CPM and CPA Rates?

Pros & Cons

  • RTB technology
  • Worldwide coverage
  • The publishers can track clicks, impressions and revenue in real time.
  • Timely payments : Publishers would receive their payments on time.
  • Dedicated support
  • Do Not Allow Adult Websites and Blogs
  • Only Banner Ad

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