Popular 24 classified websites in Saudi Arabia

classified websites in saudi arabia


A classified website means a digital platform where you can find what you are looking for. For eg-If you are searching for a job you can just go on the classified website. People who want to search for a job in Saudi Arabia should go for Classified Websites in Saudi Arabia. There are different websites for different countries.


The original meaning of Classified advertisement was a newspaper advertisement where in old times people would find and post their requirements and services to gain a maximum audience. However, the online free of charge advertisement became more liked due to the ease of working and got even wider coverage than the traditional one.



Classified website submissions are basically a process through which you can post ad campaigns on classified submission sites to promote your services online.

This process helps your business to gain publicity and enhance the visibility of your product or services in front of search engines. Like If I am a citizen of Saudi Arabia and have just started a service line business I would want people to know about my business fast for which I will list my business on Classified websites in Saudi Arabia to promote awareness and make business easier.


1 https://www.bedpage.com/ 40 52
2 https://www.ebackpage.com/ 24 45
3 https://www.ibackpage.com/ 31 43
4 https://www.mustdial.com/ 9 22
5 https://bazaar.city/ 8 27
6 https://www.adlandpro.com/ 46 58
7 https://www.adsriver.com/ 29 51
8 https://www.expat.com/ 62 54
9 https://clickooz.com/ 29 47
10 https://www.olx.sa.com/en/ 30 23
11 https://saudi-arabia.global-free-classified-ads.com/ 45 40
12 https://shopolop.com/ 16 33
13 https://www.advertiseera.com/ 13 43
14 https://www.classifiedsfactor.com/ 24 44
15 https://www.expatriates.com/classifieds/saudi-arabia/ 53 37
16 https://www.findermaster.com/ 21 45
17 https://www.freeadstime.org/ 36 52
18 https://www.h1ad.com/ 21 44
19 https://www.justlanded.co.in/english/Saudi-Arabia/Classifieds 28 24
20 https://www.rectanglead.com/ 13 40
21 https://uae.storat.com/ 27 40
22 https://www.superadpost.com/ 16 36
23 https://www.wallclassifieds.com/ 25 45
24 https://xoocal.com/ 24 44


There are times when you submit ad campaigns on free listing sites but do not get satisfactory results. Google provides top results but sometimes better research on search engines will show you the best-classified websites to submit your ad campaigns. After a lot of research, we have shortlisted the best keywords to help you find the perfect advertising site for your business. Use the below keywords to find the suited classified websites in Saudi Arabia for listing your business.

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Benefits of classified websites

  • Cost-effective approach – As maximum sites allow the seller to post their advertisement free of cost which makes one of the marketing channels a little less expensive. The same goes for the buyer as he can make the deal directly with the seller without charging a single penny in between the transaction.
  • User-Friendly Interface – All the websites are designed in such a user-friendly way to attract more potential customers despite their technical knowledge as if the user interface is complex people may shift to another marketing technique due to lack of understanding.
  • A larger number of customers– In the traditional way of marketing like mouth to mouth or banners or newspaper ads it may take more than a month to get your business to reach its potential audience but today in the era of the internet and digital marketing people can talk, text, dance, sing, do business, etc just by sitting in front of the screen. The internet has created a wide number of open customer sources for every businessman. In simple language, we can say anyone who uses the internet is the audience for your website or your business.
  • Limitless sales – As the internet provides a global audience if you post an ad for something which is in trend you may have a huge order for your product or service. Your business may expand way too fast and get double sales within a month.
  • Infinite Profit – The profit you generate by posting ads on free classified websites is all yours. you need not give any money to a third party.

Classified websites in Saudi Arabia demand modest prices and allow millions of users to view them at the same time. People always use these platforms to advertise and find the right audience. These sites also allow users to talk to them through the Q&A  window to solve their issues as soon as possible.

Process of Advertisement Submission under Classified websites in Saudi Arabia

Before starting I would like to state that the process might differ from site to site but there is a general procedure that is common in all websites. Here is the pictorial presentation of the process of submitting an ad campaign on https://www.olx.sa.com/en/.

Step 1 – Open https://www.olx.sa.com/en/ on a browser like google chrome or Mozilla. The first window which will appear on your screen is displayed below.

classified website in saudi arabia

Firstly you have to simply log in through your Gmail id to get started.  Now you can see the SELL BUTTON on your top right screen. As a seller, you have to click on that to start the process.

Step 2 –Now you have to choose the category of your product or service. For eg Let’s take our CATEGORY – FASHION AND BEAUTY, after that sub-category – clothing – accessories and in that final product is women accessories.

Step 3- Here you have to add a title ( name of the product ), a little description about the product and its features.

classified website in saudi arabia

You can have a look at this example and get an idea about the title and description.

Step 4-  Going on you have to fill in the required details and complete the process by giving all the details regarding your product/services, website, contact, email id, price of the product/service offered, images, etc


FINAL STEP– Submit the details, contact number, maid id to Publish your ad. As you can see in the below picture.


Click on the post and you are ready with an ad to publish over the internet.  Alongside, promoting creating a post over the Business listing Websites in Saudi Arabia is an added advantage for the business to reach a higher level and wider audience. Before posting review your ad once and check every detail.

classified website in saudi arabia

The below picture gives us an idea of how your post would look after completing the process.


Here we now know that whenever you post or submit an advertisement on classified websites, all you get are organic results.

People look for you and contact you for your products and services which results in maximum sales and more profit

Classified Websites also enhance your Search Engine Optimisation and ranks your website higher in SERP.

We hope this article has helped you gain some knowledge regarding   Popular Classified Websites in Saudi Arabia.

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