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Minimum Payout $100

Google AdSense is an advertising network specially designed for publishers, meaning it allows bloggers/websites to act as host for its ads

Google AdSense Review:100% Genuine Review with Payment Proof, Earning Reports with CPC Rates

google adsense

Google AdSense Review: Hola Guys, Welcome to Microadia! Are you ready for yet another network review? Today we will talk exclusively about Google AdSense review. Yes, you heard it right, we all know that Google AdSense rule the world in this segment. Over 2 million people, or we can say publisher website, uses Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is an advertising network specially designed for publishers, meaning it allows bloggers/websites to act as host for its ads. In simple words Google AdSense pays you money if you have a website with decent traffic, for putting ads in your website which it gets from Google Ads. For this Google AdSense needs your permission it takes your permission by making you copy a small snippet of “code” in your blog sidebar (or wherever) and then it  automatically populates that space with advertisements. Google AdSense works on CPC (Cost-Per-Click) model, and it is considered as the best CPC model-based advertisement network. CPC means that they will pay you for every click done by your websites’ visitor on an advertisement. For publishers who seek more revenue through advertisements on their websites, blogs, or YouTube videos, AdSense is the best platform for them.

Google AdSense Review info:

Owner Google LLC
Establish Year 2003
Headquarter California, USA
Network Type CPC
Min. Payment $100 via Cheque, Wire
Payment Frequency NET30
Country USA
Email __
Contact Number __
Network Name Google AdSense

Google AdSense Review: How does it work?

Google AdSense Review: First, you have to fulfill eligibility requirements of Google AdSense. Keep in mind that your website or blog should have engaging and unique content, plus you should be ready to follow AdSense Terms and Conditions. After Google AdSense is satisfied that you have met all the mandatory criteria to become its publisher, it will give you approval to become its publishing partner.

After getting approval, just select the desired ad place where you want to put the ads in your website. Advertisers who want to show ad of their products or services go to Google ads and those ads Google show in publisher’s (website YouTube etc.) platform via Google AdSense.

For example, if you write a blog about tech gadgets or have a YouTube channel about technology and an advertiser wants to show its advertisement about Laptop or its accessories, Google Ads will allow you to show their Laptop ads to your visitors and readers. In return, you will get a share of the revenue generated by that advertisement.

Google AdSense Review: How to create an account?

Creating an account on AdSense is simple, just follow the following steps:

  1. Open Google AdSense website and click sign-up
  2. Sign up with existing Gmail ID or Provide other email address
  3. Enter the URL of your website(You can add it later also)
  4. Click Save and Continue
  5. Sign in to your Google AdSense account
  6. Choose your territory or country.
  7. Click on “Accept AdSense Terms and Conditions” (first review, then accept)
  8. Click create account


Google AdSense Review: Eligibility requirements

There are some eligibility criteria you need to have if you wish to join Google AdSense, they are:

  • You must be 18 years old.
  • Your content must Genuine and and shoild provide value to user
  • your content should adhere to AdSense Program policies


Google AdSense Review: Program policies

Google AdSense Review: Program policies: Google has very strict guideline regarding its program policies and publishers are required to adhere to the Google Publisher Policies. In case If you fail to comply with these policies, Google will block your AdSense account. And If your account is disabled, Google will not allow your website as a publisher for its ads, so please take its guideline very seriously, I have pinpointed some crucial policies of Google AdSense you must follow these are:

  • Invalid clicks and impressions: Publishers may not click their own ads also Clicks on ads must be from genuine user you cannot use auto bots to generate click Google will know if you do so
  • Unethical Traffic sources: A publisher cannot see third-party services that generate clicks or impressions such as paid-to-click, paid-to-surf, and auto surf and click-exchange programs.
  • Ad Behavior: A publisher can modify Google AdSense code, but it may not cause harm to the advertiser and the ad performance should not get affected.
  • Ad Placement: A publisher should not place the AdSense code in inappropriate places such as pop-ups, emails, or software.
  • Site Behavior: Publisher should note that your site should be user-friendly and easy to navigate, your site should not change user preferences, redirect user to unwanted websites, initiate downloads or contain pop-ups or pop-under.
  • Deceptive site navigation: A publisher may not use deceptive methods in order to gain clicks from user, to be clear Google is very strict regarding user experience if your website compromise user in any manner it will take action against your website, or it may also ban your AdSense account. Some of the malpractices which you should not do to avoid Google ban are:

👉Linking to content that doesn’t exist

👉Redirecting users to irrelevant, or misleading WebPages

👉Other types of navigational tactics that is designed to mislead users purposefully

👉Pages where ads are deliberately placed so that the user click on it spontaneously thinking it as part of content


Google AdSense Review: Pro-tips to get more revenue

  • Emphasizing your content
  • Advertise your website
  • Accurate ads-placement
  • Strictly follow the AdSense Policies


Google AdSense Review: Reports Overview

Google AdSense Review Reports: Google AdSense offers a comprehensive reports dashboard to give publishers an insight into your account performance. It includes charts and tables so that you can compare essential metrics and view recent trends. It gives you a details view of your previous and recent earnings in graph and charts form, which makes it easier for user to analyze thoroughly. Publisher can also create, save, and schedule custom reports and keep tracks of your journey. Here we have uploaded a screenshot for reference

Google adsense review

Google adsense review

Google AdSense Review: Payment proof

Though Google AdSense is itself a reputed brand, and it doesn’t need any proof, if you are a legitimate publisher and follows all the policy guidelines then Google AdSense will do its part and give you what you have earned so don’t worry still we have managed to grab some genuine payments screen grabs of our trusted user please refer to following images:

google adsense review

Google AdSense Review: Key USP’s

  • CPC model
  • Trusted and reliable
  • Multiple desktop and mobile formats
  • Manages ad-placement
  • Easy customization of ads
  • Millions of advertisers
  • Worldwide Traffic
  • Security and Safety
  • Minimum payout threshold of $100
  • Supportive customer care
  • Real-time tracking
  • Statistical reports
  • Various payment methods
  • Timely payouts


Google AdSense Review: Available Ad Formats

There are different types of ads that you can display on your blog, each with a different purpose and intention.

  • Display Ads– These are your standard graphic banners. Used as Sidebar Ad
  • In-Feed Ads– It is like “Sponsored” ads you see in your Facebook feed.
  • In-Article Ads– These are inside your article. They often look like they are a part of the article.
  • Link Ads– These are less popular, but usually involve a text-based ad. These often confuse your visitors to think it’s a website hyperlink rather than an ad.


FAQ’s For Publishers on Google AdSense Review

  1. What is Google AdSense?

    Google AdSense is a platform for digital publishers like website or YouTube channel owners which allows them to monetize their content by placing targeted ads to their audience, when an ad is clicked by a user Google gives some share to the publishers, and they earn money.

  2. Who created AdSense?

    Originally developed by Applied Semantics, a Santa Monica, California startup, Google acquired it in 2003.

  3. Which AdSense niche pays the highest?

    As per reports, blogs related to insurance, finance, health and fitness, technology, Gadgets, do well with Google AdSense.

  4. What is the Minimum amount that Google AdSense pays to the Publishers?

    The minimum amount that can be paid to the Publisher in a given billing cycle is US $100.00.

  5. Does Google AdSense provide customer support?

    Yes, Google AdSense have dedicated customer support

  6. What Are the Revenue Models of Google AdSense?

    Google AdSense does monetize your website on CPC (cost-per-click) model.

  7. What is Google AdSense Minimum Payouts frequency?

    Google AdSense have NET30 i.e., it pays publisher you on monthly basis to be precise you will be paid between the 21st and 26th of the following month.

  8. Can one monetize multiple sites under a single AdSense account?

    Yes, you can add multiple sites under one account. Google Adsense pays you via following medium:
    ➡️ Cheques
    ➡️ Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
    ➡️ Wire Transfer
    ➡️ Western Union Quick Cash
    ➡️ Rapida
    ➡️ EFT via Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA)

  9. Why did Google AdSense disapprove my website?

    There may be multiple reasons for this issue, some of which are listed below:
    ➡️ Your Website is less than 6 months old
    ➡️ You don’t have any privacy policy page in your website
    ➡️ Poor quality site
    ➡️ No, or very little unique content
    ➡️ Traffic contains too many paid sources
    ➡️ Content that violates policies
    ➡️ Publishers must be over 18
    ➡️ If you’ve already been banned
    ➡️ Your website is redirecting uses to another pages
    ➡️ Misleading ad placements
    ➡️ Your website contains pop-ups or pop-under
    ➡️ You have violated program policies of Google AdSense

  10. What’s the difference between Google AdSense and Google Ads?

Though both are Google products, but they have opposite role, while Google Ads take money from advertiser Google AdSense on the other hand pays money to publisher for placing ad in your website this is the main difference between them.

11. What are Google Adsense CPC rates?

Google CPC rates vary from topic to topic some topic will gives you up to $15 per click while some may give you between $0.20 to $2. The average CPC rates accounts for less than $3.However some niches are extremely profitable.

12. How much commission or click amount  Google Adsense gives to the publishers?

Google Adsense gives 68% of click amount or commison to publishers and keeps 32%. You can earn 68% of earning generated per click.


Google AdSense Review:Pros and Cons

Pros & Cons

  • Timely Payout
  • Genuine, trusted by over 2 Million Users
  • Easy to use simple dashboard.
  • Innovative ad formats
  • High Quality ads
  • Real-time tracking
  • Comprehensive Statistical reports
  • Worldwide Traffic
  • Millions of advertisers
  • Very easy to set up account
  • Strict Guidelines and Policies
  • Requires decent traffic
  • Website should be of high quality and explicitly unique
  • If you use AdSense, you can’t use any other Network
  • Minimum threshold of $100 is quite high

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Google Adsense Review
Google Adsense Review

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