10 Best Sony Wireless headphone in India

10 Best Sony Wireless headphone in India

Digital noise cancelling must be important Because Sony Wireless headphone in India all person are need for mostly. This item are not costly and best sensor work and mic testable are sure in work in  Bluetooth wireless on ear headphone. Sony Wireless headphone. It can be provided paired any two Bluetooth connection at the same time. And best battery backup upto 32 Hours continue work.This headphone are know for the excellent work noise cancellation and soundfeature good for all time and they have long time battery life presentation best and battery”quick charge” Upto 32 hours this Sony wireless headphone Designed by sport and Fitness .They offer good noise cancellation.


 Sony Wireless headphone 1000XM4



  • Brand : Sony 1000 XM4
  • Coloring : light black
  • connector type : wireless  Bluetooth , 5.0
  • headphones from factor : over ear

 Sony Wireless headphone CH710N 

Sony WH CH710N HEADPHONE new model launch by Sony 2020. make a suitable features added this wireless headphone for the travelling by using and listening music at home or travelling Very comfortable design making. making it suitable for extended use.



Key features information

  • Overall this Sony product a wonderful choice seen for short money wireless noise-cancelling.
  • sound quality are good for every customer result good and Quickly full charging for 10 min.
  • Digital noise cancellation are allowing your music and call without any distraction.and Bluetooth connectivity allow two pair at the same time

Sony Wireless headphone 1000XM5 


Sony WH 1000XM5 Clear Calling and quick charging only 3min=3hr playback and amazing a SONY WH 1000XM5 ultra comfortable, lightweight and smooth and  soft. Animate your voice assistant, and answer phone calls.

Key features

  • Model : SONY WH 1000 XM5
  • Colour : White
  • connector type : wireless
  • Microphone  Factor : ‎Built In
  • Brand : Sony
  • cable : without cable

Sony WI-C310 Wireless Headphones 


Product information 

  • Brand : Sony
  • Colour : Black
  • Model : Sony WI -C 310
  • Battary Life : 15 hours
  • magnetic earbud : yes
  • warranty : 1 year


Sony WI-C200 Wireless Headphones


Sony WI-C200 headphones for casual daily usage beat sound quality new model and drive unit 9 mm

Sony wireless headphone Smooth work and good result

product information

  • Brand : Sony
  • Model : WI -C 200
  • Colour : black
  • connector type :  wire
  • Batteries  required : yes

Sony WI-XB400 Wireless 

Sony WI- XB400 wireless tangle free cord quick charge in 10 minute Ultra lightweight 21g weight smooth comfortable battery life 15 hours

Product information 

  • Brand : Sony
  • model : Sony WI- XB40
  • Colour : black
  • weight : 21 gram

    Sony WF-C500 Truely Bluetooth 


Sony WF- C 500 fast pairing app support Truely wireless Bluetooth quick charging 360 audio reality comfort -light smooth small and fit adjustment 

  • Brand : Sony
  • model : WF -C500
  • Colour : green
  • Connector type : Bluetooth
  • Battery : 10 hours

Sony WI-C310 Wireless Headphones 

Sony WI-C310 Wireless 

Product information 

  • Brand : Sony
  • Colour : blue
  • Model : WI -C310
  • weight : 15 gram

Sony WH-Ch510 Bluetooth headphone 


Product information 

  • Brand : Sony
  • Colour : black
  • Model : WH -CH 710N
  • weight : heavy

    Sony WH-XB910N  headphone

Sony WH-XB910N 30 hours  battery  quick charging two paired Bluetooth ,voice control  and good modify this product 

  • Brand : Sony
  • Model : WH -XB910B
  • Colours : Blue
  • Wireless : yes
  • Connector type : Bluetooth

About this items

Sony headphone are all product are smoothly work and clearest sound quality for all products . they may be narrate  this 10 most headphone for Sony

It was told about the Sony headphones. but all work well and a best premium quality and not huge expensive products . and it’s doesn’t high price.

Sony  SOUND – Sony headphones  contains the latest Sony technology high level. which adjusts your music system experience for your personal hearing profile. Plus, with the App, you can almost good for our ears .

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