Vault EA20 Guitar and Its Features

Vaults EA20 comes with dual action truss rod. It is good for beginners and mid range players

About this item

  • Dual Action Truss rod Vault EA-20 comes with a dual action truss rod which gives you the liberty to adjust the action of your neck in either direction if warped. This is a more advanced design and is used by modern luthiers over the vintage single truss rod. Thus, a warp in the neck in either direction can be fixed. This extends your guitars life by making it more resilient to climate changes. Guitars without this dual action truss rod need hefty repair jobs to fix neck warps.
  • Die-Cast Machine Heads Die-Cast Tuners allow you to effortlessly & precisely tune your guitar. This is a tuning machine head preferred by professional guitarists. They are also considered best for long jam sessions, as they stay in tune for longer.
  • Acoustic steel string guitar Cutaway design for reaching higher notes with ease Truss rod to ensure the stability of your guitar’s neck
  • Diecast tuners Size – 40โ€, Scale: 1016 mm Finish : Natural
  • Top – Basswood Back/Sides – Basswood Fret Board – Techwood: 21 Frets
  • Vault EA-20 40โ€ Cutaway acoustic guitars are equipped with a dual-action truss rod, superior die-cast tuners and ABS binding.
  • This Product Consist Of Gig-Bag, Strings, Picks, Strap, Polishing Cloth & Allen Key.
Vault EA20 Guitar and Its Features
Vault EA20 Guitar and Its Features

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