Top 10 free classified sites in nigeria

Top 10 free classified sites in nigeria

Classified sites in Nigeria

what are classified websites? well, classified websites are the online platforms in which people sell and buy any kind of products and services. Many products and services are best in their industry but they do not reach potential customers, due to their poor marketing tactics. Classified websites solve this problem simply by listing products and services on their platform. These products and services are listed category-wise through which customers can easily get the best products and services.

The best benefit about classified websites is that they are free for every business person, through which they get more and more deals from potential customers. Anyone can get thousands of potential customers without paying anyone or with some small amount of investment. It is also a fantastic platform for ranking websites by generating backlinks.

classified sites in nigeria

Meaning of Classified Ad posting

classified ad posting is one of the best ways to promote products and services through classified posts. The description in a classified post includes name, phone number, address, website URL, price, email address, and a picture of the product or service. Anyone can promote their website through the classified posts which also ranks their website on search engine result page due to the continuously reaching of potential customers.

Customers usually search services and products by category, so you must specify the title and category of products or services. Paid classified ads also play an important role to attract potential customers immediately when customers search for products or services.

List of top 10 free classified sites in Nigeria

In order to get more and more sales, your product or services must reach potential customers, classified ads sites fulfill this need very easily even classified posts spread your brand where you face difficulty in marketing. As a result, you must use classified ad posts for your product to reach local customers. Classified posts also create a connection between your website and popular classified ad websites which help your website to rank on search engine result pages.

According to many studies, it was found that a large number of products and services are sold through classified posts as compared to traditional local retailers. In a small amount of time, anyone can gain many results through classified ad posts. Here is a list of the top 10 free classified ads sites in Nigeria

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How to find Classified sites in Nigeria

Classified ad posts increase website traffic that improves the domain authority of a website. As the internet goes ahead many people promote their products or services through online marketing and such people gain a high amount of sales due to their prominence and simplicity. classified ad posts contain small and relevant information about the products or services thus due to its simplicity, people are attracted towards classified posts, and the seller gains more potential customers.

But how to find classified sites in Nigeria???? Here is an answer. To get the most popular classified sites in Nigeria You have to search these 10 keywords  as it is without changing them on search engine:

SN Keyword
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10 best classified sites in Nigeria


Process of advertisement submission under classified sites in Nigeria

The process of advertisement submission is very simple and easy. The process may vary from platform to platform but almost all steps are similar. Let us take the example of Jiji. ng to understand clearly in just three easy steps how to submit an advertisement. Here the steps are elaborated:

  1. Firstly visit the website and register yourself as a seller by clicking on the seller button at the top right corner.classified listing sites in nigeria
  2. Fill in ad details such as title(write the title in such a way that it must include keywords), description, price, and add a photo or video accurately.Top Free Classified Websites in nigeria
  3. Now simply click on the “Post ad” button, that’s it Your free classified ad post has been submitted successfully.nigeria free classified ads sites

FAQ’s Related to classified sites in Nigeria

How does a classified website work?

Classified websites provide a platform for users for selling anything on the internet. On these websites, the user has to simply put some basic details of products or services. The user does not need any individual webpage for selling. The classified websites are free of cost, Even user does not promote any ad for a product, they simply place the product on these platforms.

What is classified ad posting?

Classified ad posting is the way to advertise the product or service online. It is one of the best ways to increase traffic on the website. The only thing user has to do is to provide a phone number, address, website URL, price, email address, and a picture of the product or service on classified sites in Nigeria.

Why we do classified in SEO?

Classified ads are a Free and easy way to boost your website rank on the Search engine result page. Usually, most of the classified ads sites provide a feature for placing a website URL which creates a backlink for the user’s website, So it is the best technique for optimizing a website through off-page SEO.


Obviously, there is an assortment of strategies to make and market classified ads on arranged destinations in the United States. It is difficult to anticipate which strategy will end up being the best. Much depends on the serious scene, the current market situation, and an assortment of different contemplations.

In any case, there is an establishment; probably the main ideas that ought to be safeguarded. A considerable lot of them are one-time occasions with long-haul results. Additionally, you can consider the listing of your business on top business listing sites in Nigeria. Indeed, even with an affordable financial plan and low site traffic, you can do a lot.


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