best 50 classified lists of south africa

best 50 classified lists of south africa

Classified Lists of South Africa

South Africa Top Secret Site Listing is one of the most effective SEO techniques for promoting your product or service on the internet. Here in this post, I will be sharing a list of top-secret South African sites that are search engine friendly, boost your SEO ranking and improve your online visibility in major search engines.
classified lists of south africa

What are the uses of classified business?

The use of classified advertising to promote your business in South Africa is non-negotiable. A cost-effective and easy way to drive traffic to your South African country listing site. You can save the advertising resources your business needs.

Hello dear readers! Find the best South African job advertising site to promote your new product or service online. So you need to post your ad on the best free South African job sites listed below. classified lists of south Africa These sites are very helpful in promoting your brand or product in the market and getting amazing results. Every time you launch a new product or service, you need to place and promote your free classified ads on these websites.

Sign up for these classified ads websites now, post ads, and promote your items around the world. Advertising sites are a great source for creating do-follow backlinks that help generate high-quality referral traffic and search engine rankings. In most cases, digital marketing professionals and business owners use this technique to optimize their products and services on search engines. Publish your ads according to your category and get success with these best-classified sites for South Africa. So, post a free job ad on this free job site in South Africa to reach your South African business goals.

Top 50 classified lists of south Africa

Web sites of classified lists of south Africa 

S.No  Website   🏆  Alexa Rank      PA         DA
1.           2,830         51           35
2.           4,793         43            21
3.           4,392         44            24
4.           4,053         43            26
5.           6,188         44            22
6.           5,502         45            22
7.           7,003         42            13
8.           17,471         35            13
9.           27,213         30           66
10.           31,991         30            23
11.           30,288         40             12
12.           68,044         36             14
13.           56,644         47             29
14.              73,149        44             24
15.           2,46,395        38             57
16.           1,04,060        51             37
17.           42,739        57             54
18.           8,726        55             53
19.          26,199        57             55
20.           21,020        59             58
21.           1,49,077        44             37
22           2,99,719         36            25
23.           1,75,702        48             46
24.            23,49,220         32             18
25.           10,970        40             42
26.           2,57,326        50             46
27.           6,26,332        41             22
28.           2,609        4             4
29.           24,997        51             33
30.           61,87,624        15             16
31.           33,456        52             47
32.           3,537,237        33             16
33.           3,67,096        40             22
34.           61,653        44             33
35.           18,40.884        25             26
36.           16,1,630        48             34
37.           91,747        43             35
38.           9,83,385        46             35
39.           8,45,504        50             20
40.           25,95,825        36             17
41.           12,125        56             50
42.           50,770        50             43
43.           65,555        46             31
44.           1,31,723        43             77
45.           1,69,913        40             30
46.           23,43,636        23             17
47.           87,39,305        21             32
48.           10,51,687        34             19
49.            81,810        42             29
50.          26,562        35            20

The largest site is classified lists of south Africa

Of course, Gumtree is our number one! classified lists of south africa This is not surprising, as Gumtree is South Africa’s most popular and favorite taxonomy site. If you don’t know Gumtree, you’ve lived under a rock. Gumtree leads the way with around 8.6 million monthly visits.

How To Start Online South Africa Advertising Listing

  1. Analysis Market :
  2. Select your brand name and registration :
  3. Purchase Domain name :
  4. Choose Hosting and SSL to your online classified business :
  5. Select content management site :
  6. Promote your classified business in the market :

classified lists of south africa

Benefits of South Africa’s Secret classified Lists of south Africa

Another major benefit of using online advertising is that you can sell your business to the best people for everyone who buys your power. However, there are several network websites grouped into categories classified lists of south Africa that do not allow duplicate posting of the same ad and require different guidelines and guidelines to be followed. Unlike newspapers, classified advertising websites allow you to reach customers in a more direct and personalized way.

  • Use friendly interface
Websites with advertisements are specifically designed to attract a large audience. Complex website interfaces can make it difficult for users to understand the terminology classified lists of south Africa. They can even switch to another site without wasting a second. These classified websites have a user-friendly interface that also simplifies the buying and selling process between the two parties. All you have to do is post ads without going through the formal registration process. The user who wants to buy something can easily browse through the displayed categories on the website or even use the search to find the required stuff.
  • Effective cost
Most online sites are free and charge no fees, so sellers don’t have to manage large marketing budgets to run ads. The same applies to buyers who can enter into deals directly with sellers without paying a penny to register on the site.
  • Customers in large no.
We all know that the world is turning into a global village. Internet technology has made it possible for users from all over the world to interact. People can communicate with anyone in minutes from anywhere in the world. classified lists of south Africa is online marketing also has many benefits. With a typical marketing approach, it takes months to build a solid customer base. But with the help of the internet, free classified ads sites can easily reach thousands of customers in a matter of days. The target audience for these sites is anyone using the Internet.
  • Generate web traffic
Some companies have their own product websites. They can use classified sites to increase traffic to their sites. You can post ads with links and short descriptions of your site. This way, when someone reading your ad clicks on the link, they are automatically redirected to the linked site.
  • Infine sales
As mentioned earlier, web technology is employed everywhere around the globe. If you’re advertising a product that’s fashionable or in worldwide demand, your orders for your product may be staggering. Your classified lists of south africa in the African nation will expand unexpectedly quicker and your sales will double in a very week.
  • Easily manage 
Free classified ads sites allow sellers to post ads without being restricted to a specific format. Usually, sellers create advertisements according to their requirements. classified lists of south Africa Some ads are detailed and some are short and concise. classified lists of south Africa Additionally, once the ad is published, the seller may repost it on another site. We may also update advertisements from time to time by using the “Renew” option on that site.
  • Add images with ads.
The addition of bright, eye-catching images also attracts many customers. Usually, people don’t have time to read long product descriptions. They simply view the displayed image and decide to purchase the item.
  • Great profit
All revenue from selling products on sites classified as free is with you. You don’t have to pay a third party a percentage.
  • 24*7 operably
The free advertising site runs on servers that run 24 hours a day. This allows users to visit the site at any time of the day. Buyers don’t have to worry because people all over the world see their ads, regardless of the time of day.
  • No physical boundaries 
Regardless of geographic location. Your market consists of an international audience of all kinds.

List of Best Free Bulletin/Online Advertising Sites in South Africa:

Below you will find a list of the 10 best free online advertising classified lists of south Africa. If you know more classified sites in South Africa, please add them to the description section below.
Of course, Gumtree is our number one! This is not surprising, as Gumtree is South Africa’s most popular and favorite taxonomy site. If you don’t know Gumtree, you’ve lived under a rock. Gumtree leads the way with 8.6 million monthly visits.
2. OLX
OLX is one of my favorite internet advertising sites. Like Gumtree, OLX makes it easy to place ads with apps available for download on iOS and Android devices. OLX receives approximately 2.8 million visits per month.


Junk mail is perhaps one of the oldest classified sites in South Africa. Although it is mainly known for its automotive ads, there are over 30 categories where you can place your new ad. Spam gets about 1.5 million visits per month.
Locanto is another great free advertising site available in over 58 countries. classified lists of south Africa overall I love using Locanto South Africa, the only downside is that users post a lot of spam ads. classified lists of south africa This is a bit annoying for visitors looking for quality service providers in their area. Location SA receives approximately 660,000 visits per month.
If you are looking for an easy-to-use advertising site, Advertising Africa is a great choice! Ads Africa is available in over 18 different countries, which shows the popularity of the platform. Ads Africa receives approximately 1.3 million monthly visitors.
Public Ads is another great ad placement platform. classified lists of south Africa offers free ad placement options that expire after 30 days, plus additional options to publish and display on your homepage for up to 90 days. There are about 60,000 visits per month.
Place your ad in less than a minute! Class Ads is very easy to use and offers free and premium/recommended ads. Unfortunately, I did not know the approximate number of monthly visitors to this website. If you know, please leave a comment below.
Howzit is another great South African advertising site. They offer free listings and users can “show” their ads every day to stay at the top of the listing page. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the approximate number of monthly visitors to this website. If you know, please leave a comment below.
Afribaba is an excellent choice for posting classified ads for free. Classified lists of south africa we offer free and premium ad options to help you further improve your ad exposure. Unfortunately, I did not know the approximate number of monthly visitors to this website. If you know, please leave a comment below.
Booc South Africa is another great free classified site that offers ad placement options. However, this isn’t one of our top picks as the ads on the site look a bit spam. Unfortunately, classified lists of south africa  I couldn’t find the approximate number of monthly visitors to this website. If you know, please leave a comment below.

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