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What is triplelift ?      triplelift

tripleLift  builds technology to make ads that empower rather than interrupt. Leveraging pioneering computer vision technology, triplelift creates ads that blend in with the user experience as people triplelift  is a real time bidding network for native ads. Founders Eric Berry, Ari Lewine and Shaun Zacharia have taken over $6 million in venture and angel investment to date, plus boosted .


what we are ?

triplelift is a technology company rooted at the intersection of creative and media  .We are an advertising platform where creative fits seamlessly into every experience across desktop, mobile and video. Scroll further to learn more about who we are, how we work and explore ways to join the team.

About company –

 1 . Mission –

triplelift makes ads that work for everyone: Publishers, who seek greater monetization – Advertisers, who require better performance – Consumers, who want better ad experiences.

Scroll further to learn more about who we are, how we work and explore ways to join the team. know more click  mission

2. Core value –

We have five core values that guide our work.

  • Win As A Team  = We are a team of great people that like who they work with and want to make everyone around them better. This means being positive, collaborative, and compassionate. We embrace diversity and create equitable opportunities to help our teammates
  • Embrace and Drive Change = We are in a dynamic and competitive ecosystem. This means we need to move quickly, react to change and embrace it. We continuously innovate, which means plans and processes are never static. TripleLifters are comfortable with discomfort.
  • Learn and Grow = We commit to self-improvement in both knowledge and performance. This means taking extra steps to learn about your craft and our industry. It means seeking feedback and growing from it, and proactively taking steps to improve. It also means learning about our customers, how they view the market, and how we drive their success.
  • Take Initiative = We step up whenever there’s an opportunity. When we see an issue, we take ownership. This means improving what we touch, proposing solutions, and seizing every opportunity.
  • Crush It Daily = We work harder and are hungrier than the competition. Hustle is magnified by working smarter and making sure that your efforts maximize output for yourself and those around you.

 3 .Leadership

In 2012, our founders were working at a major ad tech company of the time. They identified a problem worth solving.

Ads were constrained — locked into fixed spaces that weren’t working. Meanwhile, Facebook and Google had cracked the code placing ads directly into the feed.

Their launch idea was to create better ads for the open web — to take what the platforms had done and bring it to everyone else.

They soon realized that their technology would benefit 3 different constituencies: advertisers, publishers and consumers.

4 .Careers

tripleLift believes in the power of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Our culture enables individuals to share their uniqueness and contribute as part of a team. With our DEI initiatives, TripleLift aims to be a place that works for you, and where you can feel a sense of belonging.

To drive our inclusive culture, our People team, DEI roundtable, employee resource groups, and Executive Leadership Team support efforts to break down barriers and create sustainable change in our organization.

 triplelift Products

TripleLift has built a portfolio of modern ad products. From our roots in Native programmatic ads, we have expanded into Display, Branded Content, Video and Television.

1 .Creative gallery

triplelift product                                             triplelift

 2 .Innovation

We say that we’re reinventing ad placement one medium at a time…and we mean it. Keep scrolling to see how our CTV business is changing the television advertising landscape and explore our Exchange Traded Deals, the smart way to buy, measure and optimize programmatic media.


3 .Offers & Packages

offers and packages


 triplelift Technology

TripleLift is leading the next generation of programmatic advertising by reinventing ad placements one medium at a time.

Our technology powers ads that make advertising better for everyone – higher performing for brands, more lucrative for publishers and more respectful of the consumer’s experience.

See how our technology is powering that revolution.

 1 .Computer Vision

In order to make your ad look beautiful in any environment, we created computer vision technology that scans your ad to understand what elements are most essential to your campaign — like faces, objects and text areas. Our technology then generates a native placement that always keeps your important focal points in the frame.

 2 .Dynamic Templating

Our Dynamic Templating adapts advertisers’ creative components in real time, rendering native ads that seamlessly match the look and feel of every environment.

 3 .Ad Server

Our Ad Server allows Publishers to seamlessly power native direct deals as part of their existing workflow. Leverage our platform to build and manage native creative assets and run ads directly on the server of your choice.

  triple Lift Payout Terms and Options

triple Lift sends your earnings to your bank account after 90 days of the end of the month for free.

You can also choose any of the two other options that come with financing fees:

  • Payments with 60 days with a financing fee of 1%
  • Payments within 30 days with a financing fee of 2%

The available withdrawal method on TripleLift is direct bank deposit. You can receive your earnings through domestic and international bank accounts.

 triple lift Ideas –

tripleLift strives to be the most supportive company in ad tech. As part of that mission, we’re always developing ideas to start conversations and help solve challenges.

Sites Like triple Lift

If you’re looking for the best platform to monetize your website, it’s best to consider some TripleLift alternatives. Let’s review some of the best sites like TripleLift below:

Platform  Possible Earnings per Month Payment Options
TripleLift N/A Direct deposit
Ezoic $200 Cheque, PayPal, direct deposit, Payoneer $150 Payoneer, wire transfer
PropellerAds $1,000 PayPal, Payoneer, ePayments, Skrill, WebMoney, bank wire

Pros & Cons

  • 1. Availability of an intuitive dashboard
  • 2. Quality ads matching your website
  • 3. Reporting tools available
  • 4. Support team readily available
  • 1. Possible delayed onboarding
  • 2. Long interval between free withdrawals

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Best review of triplelift with 100% payment proof and earnings
Best review of triplelift with 100% payment proof and earnings

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