Cash-Ads Review

Cash-Ads Review

Cash-Ads Review, Payment Proof, Earning Reports, CPC, CPM Rates


Cash-Ads Review- CashAds aims to provide marketing needs to any product owner and service provider with efficient strategies and a solid marketing direction. CashAds caters to the marketing needs of every type of advertiser & publisher regardless of product type; blackhat, whitehat, and greyhat.


Cash-Ads Network Info:


Julian Theel

Establish Year




Network Type

CPC, CPM, POP, Videos

Min. Payment


Payment Frequency

Net-30, Net-15, Weekly






Contact Number

+49 (0)541 185830 95

Network Name


Cash-Ads Review Network for Advertisers

Cash-Ads Review for Advertisers-

Cash-Ads are an advertising network that pays you points to show their banner on your site. You will get points for each unique view and these points will be converted to USD or you can advertise your links using them.

Advertisers will be provided with user- friendly dashboard through which they can discover real-time notifications and the performance of the affiliate program. Automated marketing emails are designed by Cash-Ads to ensure better communications with the affiliates of your brand, also saves time for the advertiser.

Key Points

  • Premium and Smart Technologies
  • Verified Traffic
  • Competitive Rates
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Interactive User-friendly Interface
  • Detailed Insight
  • Data Protection

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Cash-Ads Review Network for Publishers

Cash-Ads Review For Publishers – They have made it to the mission to be the lightest, most flexible, and fastest advertising network. From beginners to professionals, they offer everyone the opportunity to earn money. It is easier than ever for you as a user. The AI controls everything 24/7 in the background so that you always get the best CPM rate. No long waiting times, because everything happens automatically and in real-time.

Key Points

  • Connect with the right advertiser Brands
  • Promote Brands to your Audience
  • Get Commissions for your Sales
  • Visitors Follow Links

FAQ’s For Publishers on Cash-Ads Review

  1. Cash-Ads Review Network Ad Format?

All ads are view (CPM) based.

  • Layer
  • Display Banner
  • Direct-Link
  • Video
  • Counter
  • Push Notifications
  • In Article
  • POP
  1. Cash-Ads Review Network Approval Process?

  • A must-have 5K unique impressions per day for a Website/blog
  • For reviewing application it takes up to 48 hours.
  • Cash-Ads Review accepts all most all-category websites.
  • Do not accept unethical sites.
  1. Cash-Ads Review Network Minimum Pay-outs?

You earn points. These Pts are exchanged every month automatically to USD. You can request withdrawal of your USD via Bitcoin, Bank transfer (wire), Paypal, or Skrill.

They pay by NET15.

Minimum Withdrawal: $10

  1. Cash-Ads Review Network CPC, CPM, and CPA Rates?

CPC Rates- Approx. Maximum Up to $0.50 for Each Click (Depending on The country Traffic and Many Other Parameters.)

CPM Rates -It usually stays around 0.03 USD. But if you have a site and you want to promote it, then this site is the best option to promote your site for free.

  1. Cash-Ads Review Network pros and cons?

Pros & Cons

  • Best ad network for mobile and desktop both traffic publishers
  • Payment on Time with NET7
  • Real-Time bidding processes
  • High CPC and CPM rates
  • Push Notification option for high revenue
  • Accept multiple category websites including Downloads and e-commerce
  • Premium advertisers
  • best google Adsense alternative
  • 5% Referral program
  • Do not accept gambling website
  • Low CPM ads for video and native ad
  • Not working with Google Adsense

Final Conclusion

Ads Paying Media is the best option for you, because,

– Max. 3 ad-codes can be placed on 1 website.

– Illegal sites are not allowed.

– Websites without content will be blocked.

– Place the ad codes in a visible area.

– Ad-codes may not be manipulated, altered, covered, or concealed.

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