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Jziki Prem Pulse Oximetre

With an easy-on-the-eye interface and no prior technical knowledge needed, you can use this pulse oximeter with extreme use!

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  • Multi-function: Oximeter-HealthTree oximeter can measure multiple parameters such as SPo2/perfusion index (PI)/heart rate at the same time, and has a health alarm function that can remind you to pay attention to your physical state at any time. In addition, the HealthTree pulse oximeter uses a high-definition OLED screen, which allows you to visually see the real-time heart rate dynamic graph. This is a health monitoring device suitable for family/office/school.
  • Accurate and Fast: The HealthTree fingertip pulse oximeter can quickly monitor your health status within 5 seconds, helping you quickly understand your physical condition.The accuracy of the oximeter is ±2%. Because pulse oximeter fingertip measures in real time, the data changes dynamically with the measurements. You can trust it.
  • Easily Perceive Health Status: Pulse oximeter supports health alarm function. You can set it according to your physical condition. When pulse oximeter machine detects that it exceeds the health value, the value on Oxygen Monitor will flash. With the HealthTree oxygen monitor, it’s a quick and easy way to understand your physical condition. This is of great help for the elderly/fitness crowd/outdoor exercisers/chronic illnesses.
  • Low Energy Design: HealthTree oximeter pulse with blood pressure only needs 2 AAA batteries to start health monitoring. It will automatically shut down after 6 seconds of non-use. *Note: no battery included in the pulse oximeter.
  • Easy-to-use: Click the button to power on the HealthTree pulse oximeter. The real-time measurement results displays within a few seconds after gripping finger. Whether you are an outdoor sports enthusiast/senior/health-conscious person, the HealthTree oxygen saturation monitor will be a good tool for you
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Jziki Prem
Product Name
Jziki Prem Pulse Oximetre
Jziki Prem Pulse Oximetre
Jziki Prem Pulse Oximetre
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