Cosmic Byte Comet Cooling Pad

This laptop cooling pad reduces the operating temperature of the laptop when the device is unable to cool itself. It intends to protect the laptop from overheating and enables you to work efficiently. This cooing pad comes in suitable sizes that can be used for 14โ€™โ€™ โ€“ 17โ€™โ€™ laptops. The 7 levels of adjustable height let you to work comfortably. The active coolers in this cooling pad moves air to direct heat away from your laptop.

Features :

  • 9 Levels of adjustable height for precise viewing angle
  • Anti-Skid Mats for extra stability
  • Long Baffle to support Laptop
  • Broad Base to accommodate up to 17 inches Laptop
  • LED Lights for extra illumination


Cosmic Byte Comet Cooling Pad
Cosmic Byte Comet Cooling Pad

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