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Control D Pulse Oximetre

The device works on the principle of photodetection, meaning that it gives off infrared rays to detect oxygen levels.

About this item

  • High Accuracy: Measures Oxygen Concentration (SpO2) in the blood range 35 – 100% (Accuracy: +/- 2%) and Pulse Rate Range 25 – 250 bpm (Accuracy: +/- 2bpm)
  • Rotatable multi directional display, allows you to view your results in two direction, pulse rate, spo2 level, sound icon, bluetooth sign and battery level
  • Light-weight and compact size device which is easy to carry with you for use either at home or outdoor
  • Measures quickly and accurately Pulse rate and SpO2 blood oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin levels. Accurately determine your spo2 (blood oxygen saturation levels), fast spo2 readings, pulse measurements
  • Package contents include 1 Oximeter, 2 x AAA batteries, one carry bag
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Control D
Product Name
Control D Pulse Oximetre
Control D Pulse Oximetre
Control D Pulse Oximetre
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