Best Electric Drill Machine On Amazon

Best Electric Drill Machines On Amazon

Drill Machines – Drills Machines Are the tools to make round hole in the wall or other thing. There are many sizes available in key according to size of the hole you have to make. Drills are mostly used by the carpenters, electrisions, and constructors. After coming of drilling machines the work had become easy for the users. There are many variations in drills according to the use. There are miniature Drills also for household use. The price of the drills varies according to use, quality and RPM of it.

Features You Should Know Before Buying Drill Machine :-                                                                                           1) The Purpose Of buying the machine.                                                                                                                             2) Quality and Rpm of machine.

Bosch Drill Machine
Bosch GSB 501 500-Watt Professional Impact Drill Machine (Blue),Corded Electric
Brand Bosch Power Source Corded Electric Maximum Rotational Speed 2600 RPM Voltage 220 Volts Maximum Chuck Size 10 Millimeters Colour Blue
Ibell Drill Machine
IBELL Electric Drill ED06-91, 400W, Copper Armature, 2800 RPM, Chuck 10 mm Forward/Reverse for Wood & Metal Work with Variable Speed Control
Brand IBELL Power Source Corded Electric Maximum Rotational Speed 2800 RPM Voltage 220 Volts (AC) Amperage 1.82 Amps Maximum Chuck Size 0.39 Inches
Stanley Drill Machine
STANLEY SDH600 600W 13mm Impact Hammer Drill (SDH600-IN)
Brand Stanley Power Source Corded Voltage 240 Volts Amperage 14 Amps Maximum Chuck Size 13 Millimeters Colour Yellow Included Components Includes: Main unit,Chuck key,Depth guide,side handle Special Feature 2 Mode switch for drill and hammer Product Dimensions 26.5L x 8.2W x 29.3H Centimeters Material Plastic, Metal
Cheston Drill Machine
Cheston 10mm Powerful Drill Machine for Wall, Metal, Wood Drilling…
Brand CHESTON Power Source Corded Electric Maximum Rotational Speed 2800 RPM Voltage 240 Volts Amperage 1.6 Amps Maximum Chuck Size 10 Millimeters
Agaro Drill Machine
AGARO ED2103 650W Corded Electric Drill Machine, 3300RPM, Home DIY And Professional Use, Red and Black
Brand AGARO Power Source Corded Electric Maximum Rotational Speed 3300 RPM Voltage 240 Volts Amperage 16 Amps Maximum Chuck Size 15 tablespoon(s) Colour Red & Black Included Components Main Unit Special Feature Variable Speed setting Product Dimensions 23.5L x 7W x 22.5H Centimeters
Izom Drill Machine
IZOM IZ-CDK-20V Cordless Drill Machine Kit With Multiple Torque Settings & A Keyless Chuck for Automatic Spindle Locking
Brand IZOM Power Source Battery Powered Maximum Rotational Speed 1450 RPM Voltage 20 Volts Colour Light Grey Included Components 1 Set Cordless Drill Machine Kit
Dewalt Drill Machine
DEWALT DWD014 550W 10mm Rotary Drill Machine (Black & Yellow)
Brand Dewalt Power Source Corded Electric Voltage 240 Volts Maximum Chuck Size 10 mm Hg Colour Yellow Included Components 1 Rotary Drill Special Feature Potable Product Dimensions 15L x 12W x 18H Centimeters Material Plastic, Metal Item Weight 300 Grams
Buildskill Drill Machine
Buildskill BGBH920RE Rotary Hammer Drill Machine, Forward/Reverse with Variable Speed, 3 Functions: Drill, Rotary & Chisel with 3 SDS Drill Bits, (RED)
Brand BUILDSKILL Power Source Corded Electric Maximum Rotational Speed 850 RPM Voltage 220 Volts Amperage 10 Amps Maximum Chuck Size 20 Millimeters
Wondercut Drill Machine
WONDERCUT Corded-electric 1 pcs Wonder Cut WCGP-2-26 Rotary Hammer Drill (26 mm Chuck Size, 1600 w) Brand: WONDERCUT
Brand WONDERCUT Power Source Corded Electric Maximum Rotational Speed 750 RPM Voltage 220 Volts Maximum Chuck Size 26 Millimeters Colour Blue
Blackdecker Drill Machine
BLACK+DECKER HD555K50 550W 13mm Corded Variable Speed Reversible Impact Drill Machine Kit for Home & DIY Use (50 Accessories Kitbox) For Masonry, Brick & Wood, 1 Year Warranty, ORANGE & BLACK
Brand Black + Decker Power Source Corded Electric Voltage 230 Volts Maximum Chuck Size 13 Millimeters Colour Orange Included Components 550w 13mm Hammer Drill Chuck Key 5 X Hss Drill Bits 5 X Masonry Drill Bits 5 X 50mm Screwdriving Bits 10 X 25mm Screwdriving Bits 25 X Plastic Anchors & Screws 1 X Plastic Kitbox550w 13mm Hammer Drill Chuck Key 5 X Hss Drill Bits 5 X Masonry Drill Bits 5 X 50mm Screwdriving Bits 10 X 25mm Screwdriving Bits 25 X Plastic Anchors & Screws 1 X Plastic Kitbox Special Feature Variable Speed Product Dimensions 27L x 20W x 9H Centimeters Material Plastic Speed 2600 RPM

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Bosch Drill Machine – Features

Bosch drill company is a well reputed and known company in the world. This company use to make industrial tools like drills, etc. The quality of the product of this company is very nice and durable for long time. There are many different types of drill this company have like hammer , drill ,etc. Mostly every constructor have this companies drill.

Brand – Bosch                                                                                                                                                                      Colour – Blue                                                                                                                                                                      Speed – 2600 Rpm                                                                                                                                                              Power source – Corded wire

Ibell Drill Machine – Features

Ibell is also a nice brand as it verified by Amazon. Its speed is very nice around 2800rpm. This drill is mainly made for household purpose. This drill is also a wired corded. The material used is nice according to the price. The price of the drill machine is reasonable. With this drill machine Keys are also provided of different sizes.

Brand – IBell                                                                                                                                                                        Speed – 2800 Rpm                                                                                                                                                              Power sources – Corded Wire                                                                                                                                            Power – 230V

Stanley Drill Machine – Features

Stanley is a very nice drill machine on amazon. The main thing about this is that it is made for household use. And the price is also very reasonable. The speed of the machine is 2200Rpm which is nice. This drill has two modes a reverse mode and the forward mode. It has a corded wire supply. The design is compact and easy to use by new commerce.

Colour – Yellow                                                                                                                                                                    Power source – Corded                                                                                                                                                      Speed – 2200 Rpm                                                                                                                                                            Brand – Stanley

Cheston Drill Machine – Features

Cheston is a nice brand approved by amazon. It is yellow and black in colour. The main feature is that it is cordless. Which means this drill will work without wire. It has one battery Which is rechargeable. It takes 2-3 hours to get fully charged. The company gives 6 months warranty. The speed is not so high but can be useful for small uses. The light is also given in this to work in dark.

Colour – Yellow And Black                                                                                                                                                  Speed – 1350 Rpm                                                                                                                                                              Warranty – 6 Months                                                                                                                                                          Power supply – Wireless

Agaro Drill Machine – Features

Agaro is a nice brand. It is made for DIY and Proffesional use. The speed is also high around 3300 Rpm. The voltage is 240V. The power source is corded wire. Its design is compact , Light weight and Shock proof. Its capacity is also nice it can drill in concrete , metal , wood.

Colour – Red And Black                                                                                                                                                      Speed – 3300 Rpm                                                                                                                                                              Power supply – Corded Wire                                                                                                                                              Brand – Agaro

IZOM Drill Machine – Features

Izom is a high speed drill machine. The best thing about this is it is light weight and compact which is easy to carry. Full drill kit is available with many equipements like Different sizes key , two batteries , charger , drill sockets , screw driver bits. It has great speed of 1450Rpm. Light is also available with this drill.

Colour – Light Grey                                                                                                                                                            Power supply – Wireless                                                                                                                                                    No Of Batteries – 2                                                                                                                                                            Brand – IZOM

Dewalt Drill Machine – Features

Dewalt is a very nice drill machine brand. It is made for professional use. The speed of the machine is around 3500Rpm. The company gives 2 years warranty. The special thing of this drill is it has “lock on” button which continually run when doing repetitive work.  It has variable speed limit according to the need and material.

Colour – Yellow                                                                                                                                                                    Warranty – 2 Years                                                                                                                                                              Power Source – Corded Wired                                                                                                                                          Brand – Dewalt

Buildskill Drill Machine -Features

Buildskill is a household drill machine. It has been designed in such a way that is all in one. It can drill in all wood , metal , steel , etc. The advanced motor had been used in this which gives accuracy while drilling. Buildskill gives you 6 months warranty. The body of the machine is made of plastic which is shock resistant and light weight which is comfortable to use.

Colour – Red                                                                                                                                                                        Warranty – 6 Months                                                                                                                                                          Speed – 2800 Rpm                                                                                                                                                            Brand – Buildskill

Wondercut Drill Machine – Features

Wondercut is a very nice drilling brand. The speed of it is slow around 650 Rpm because it is a hammer drill. Hammer drill is used by constructors to make hole on hard surfaces like concrete road, etc. The maximum power supply is 1600W. This is the powerful drill after bosch. The company gives warranty of 2 years.

Colour – Blue                                                                                                                                                                      Warranty – 2 Years                                                                                                                                                              Speed – 650 Rpm                                                                                                                                                                Power Supply – Corded Wire                                                                                                                                            Brand – Wondercut

Black Decker Drill Machine  – Features

Black decker drill is a very nice brand. The speed of the drill is very nice around 2600 Rpm. It has a warranty of 1 years. The voltage is 230V. The body is made of plastic which is shock proof and light weight. It has a switch in which both reverse and forward option is there.

Colour – Orange and Black                                                                                                                                                Warranty – 1 Year                                                                                                                                                                Brand – Black Decker                                                                                                                                                          Power Supply – Corded Wire

Hence here are some of the Best  Drill Machine available on amazon. For more information click on price button.

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