10 Best GPS Trackers for Car in India

10 Best GPS Trackers for Car in India

The GPS trackers for cars have become a popular accessory. The best vehicle tracking system in India is GPS trackers for cars.GPS trackers are  very  useful handy whether it is to keep a tab on your vehicle or any other item. Best GPS tracking device for use can be tracked by your friends and family when you go hiking or trekking or on any other adventure.Many GPS  systems also come with companion apps which allow you to track things like your speed, mileage and route in real time. 10 Best GPS Trackers for Car in India.

  • GPS devices are a great option for those who want to keep track of their vehicles.Best car GPS tracking device  will allow you to track your car anywhere in India, The GPS thackers make sure that it doesn’t get stolen.
  • Car GPS tracking devices can be used to check the location of your car, the speed you are driving at, and even the engine performance.
  • This is the best tool for a car.
  • This is a great way to keep an eye on your vehicle’s health and engine.

Onelap Micro – Hidden Water Resistant Wired GPS Tracker for Car

Onelap Micro Plus, an Indian GPS tracking  first in our list for service provider ranks with its exceptional security options. Onelap GPS tracker is a powerful platform for vehicle management, security, and intelligence.This devices use Companies can use our software to track vehicles, monitor driver behavior, control on-board cameras, and even manage fleets of vehicles all at once. 10 Best GPS Trackers for Car in India.


Product Features

Brand –                    Onelap
Compatible Devices  Android
Special Features Speed Monitoring
Mounting Hardware  ‎GPS tracker with wire and 12 months sim card
Country of Origin ‎India
Item Weight 26 g
Rating 4.4 out of 5 stars

About this item

  • This tracking is unit (Compatible with all types of vehicle ) with connecting wire with 12 months sim card data + Android + iOS app. GPS tracker  to those customers who want a permanent solution for daily tracking needs. 
  • This tracker has no need to recharge as it takes power from its internal battery and Vehicle’s battery.
  • GPS Live tracking plus Travel history data -: GPS Highly sensitive chip which sends vehicle’s accurate location to our cloud servers and you can watch your vehicle’s live location plus. 
  • Remote engine off and Ignition Alerts  -:  you turn on your vehicle via key or push-button Get instant alerts the moment and Remote Engine Lock feature can also be enabled by ordering relay from company, it’s an optional feature but we do not recommend installing relay.
  • Get alerts when a vehicle enters/exits those zones like Set Geo-fences and Over Speeding limits  – Define safe zones on a map.

SeTrack GPS Tracker for car

SeTrack GPS Tracker Device with Android and iOS Mobile App with Engine Lock and Anti Theft Alarm for Car.SeTracker. SeTracker GPS tracker is designed to prevent theft of your car and these devices help keep track of its location at all times.


Product Features

Brand –                          SeTrack
Item model number  GPS Tracker with 3 Year Warranty
Special Features Waterproof,Travel
Manufacturer   SeTrack
Country of Origin  India
Item Weight  150 g
Customer Reviews 4.2 out of 5 stars

About this item

  • GPS Live tracking plus Travel history data – See your vehicles’ real time movement on your smart phones using highly sensitive GPS cloud servers and chips.
  • The Instant Anti-Theft Alarm- It is a safety mode of your car which can be turned on at night. This is notification to you in case of theft via alarm notification.
  • Facilities is Remote engine lock- This region for You can remotely switch off your vehicle’s ignition from smartphone in case of any emergency such as theft. This  facility is just an emergency feature.  Please Avoid using this feature on a daily basis.
  • Daily statistics for your vehicle –  Run Time, Idle Time, Get Total Distance Stoppage Time, Maximum Speed and Average Speed for everyday travel of your vehicle. 
  • The GPS Tracker is Made in India. Gps Tracking Device with 5 Year Warranty.
  • Note- SIM Card is included in the product, but not activated, customers need to recharge it with a Data pack.

LAMROD Supreme – Hidden GPS Tracker for Car

Lamrod Supreme GPS Tracker can be used for tracking your car, bike, truck or any other vehicles. Lamrod Supreme GPS Tracker allows you to track the real time location of your vehicle using the mobile app or the website on desktop or laptop. This app  is used to set a speed limit.  The app sends you a notification whenever the speed limit is crossed.

This app offers up to 1 year of history playback.


Product Features

Brand –                      LAMROD
Colour GPS Tracking
Connectivity Technology Cellular, Ethernet, ANT+
Map Type Satellite
Control Method App
Country of Origin ‎India
Customer Reviews 4.1 out of 5 stars

About this item

  • Real Time Tracking :- Track Vehicle by App & Mobile Msg or from your desktop/laptop any timeHistory: This app help for   Track Old Month History route, Total KM, Route Detail on Map
  • Lamrod Supreme GPS Tracker provide 1 Year subscription of Android,IOS and Web Application

Autoforce GPS Tracker

Autoforce GPS Tracker is provided in Free SIM Card with 6 Months Mobile app Subscription. Autoforce GPS Tracker is Hidden Waterproof GPS Tracker for Car, Bike, Bus,Truck with Engine on Off Control (12 Month). This app gives you a complete solution for live tracking with the current speed, position, average speed, total distance covered and many more.This app is One powerful APP.


Product Features

Brand –                      Autoforce
Special Feature   Water Proof, Hidden, Andriod/IOS App 
Supported Application Vehicle Tracker, Android/iOS App
Model  V5-GPS
Batteries 12V batteries required. (included)
Country of Origin India
Customer Reviews 4.3 out of 5 stars

About this item

  • BRILLIANT ANALYTICS :- This App gives you daily stats of total distance,  average speed, maximum speed, run time, idle time, stoppage time of a vehicle using detailed view visualization
  • SET SPEED LIMITS : – This app helps If you want to get the notifications after crossing certain set kilometers, you will get notification instantly.
  • SET SAFE ZONE :-  The App is Set your safe zone as ‘home’ or ‘office’, you will be notified once vehicle enters / exits to that zone
  • LIVE GPS TRACKING & TRAVEL HISTORY DATA :- The App includes a Highly powerful GPS chip which sends every second of vehicle accurate location to our smart servers.  you can watch your vehicle live location plus full-day vehicle history on our mobile app.
  • INSTANT NOTIFICATIONS  :-  The app is Get notified in case of the ignition is turned on or the vehicle is moved out of the safe zone via towing or pushing.

NV Prime Car Waterproof NXT GEN GPS Tracker

NV Prime GPS Tracker with 5 Years Warranty.

NV Prime GPS Tracker is Easy to install. This app is Track Vehicle by Mobile Msg & app or from your desktop/laptop any time History. 


Product Features

Brand  –                     NV TRACK
Manufacturer NV TRACK
Model  Wired GPS Tracker
Special Features  Waterproof
Country of Origin ‎India
Customer Reviews   4.3 out of 5 stars

About this item

  • Real Time Tracking :- The app is Track Vehicle by Mobile Msg & app or from your desktop/laptop any time History. 
  • 5 Years Warranty for this app.
  • This app is a Sim card included with product & Data is not included.
  • Installation Support :- Easy to install. The Manual is given along with the product, which contains all help for installation. Contact details are also given on the manual of this app.
  • This app is Included  1 Year subscription of Android & IOS.

Ajjas Waterproof GPS Tracker for Car

Ajjas Waterproof GPS Tracker for  Car, Bike and Scooty with Accident Alert. This app is Anti Theft Tracking, Made in India and Optimizer, 3 Months Data. This app provides all time accident detection for bike/ scooters, cars and initiates an emergency call to 3 contacts with live location tracking. This app Live tracks your daily ride in 3D, monitors fuel consumption, speed alert, km driven, etc. 10 Best GPS Trackers for Car in India


Product Features

Brand  –                 Ajjas
Manufacturer  HPS Lab Designs Pvt Ltd
Model  V3
Country of Origin India
Customer Reviews  4.3 out of 5 stars

About this item

  • Anti Theft :-  The Call is initiated every time the engine is switched ON.
  • Ajjas GPS tracker comes with Motion Alert, Engine ON/OFF notification and inbuilt SIM.
  • The trackr do not cut any wires of the vehicle.  Ajjas GPS tracker doesn’t consume any battery when the vehicle is not moving & the engine is off.
  • We are protecting  you from one day to the last you. We are a support team dedicated to after-sales.

Acumen – Hidden Water-Resistant GPS Tracker Device for Car with Accident Alert

Acumen  Hidden Water Resistant GPS Tracker Device for Car, Bike and Scooty  with Accident Alert.  The app is Anti-Theft Tracking and Engine Cut Off at 301. The device is Made in India.  The app is 1 Month Data and  Subscription.


Product Features

Brand –                  ACUMEN TRACK
Batteries  1 C batteries required. (included)
Battery Cell Composition  Lithium Polymer
Country of Origin  India
Customer Reviews 3.6 out of 5 stars

About this item

  • Real Time GPS Tracker :- The device is Real time (24×7) tracking of your vehicle, Car, Bike. Even if your vehicle is a thousand miles away from you, still you can know the location on Map/Satellite view on our APP.
  • The app is provided with 1 Month Data and  Subscription.
  • This device protects your vehicle in Parking Mode.

Deviant® Car GPS Tracker GF07 GPS GSM/GPRS Car Tracking Locator Device

Deviant Car GPS Tracker Use to Recording, Sound monitoring, tracking, etc.  This device sets multiple functions of security, monitoring surveillance, tracking, emergency alarms and management in its entirety. The Support remote control of mobile phones. 


Product Features

Brand  –                 Deviant
Model GPS Device
Special Features Magnetic Tracker
Battery Capacity  400 Milliamp Hours
Country of Origin India

About this item

  • Real-Time Positioning
  • Easy To Use
  • Tracker Recording,Sound Monitoring
  • Super Small and Magnetic

J&P Technologies Prime Plus – Waterproof GPS Tracker for Car

J&P Technologies Prime Plus is  Waterproof GPS Tracker for Car, Bus, Bike, Truck etc with Engine Lock. They provide 1 Year sim Card Data.

J&P Technologies GPS tracker is Simply connected into your vehicle. Then you get instant access to valuable insights about your vehicle right from your smartphone.This Technologies mobile application is compatible with more than 2500+ GPS trackers available in the market.


Product Features



‎J&P Technologies

1 year manufacturing warranty

1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Item part number

Item Weight 

146 g
Customer Reviews

  4.1 out of 5 stars

About this item

  • Package :-The GPS tracking unit with connecting wire with 12 months sim card data (Compatible with all types of vehicle) .
  • Stop Engine :- you Can Stop Engine Via Our Mobile Application
  • Gps tracking and travel history video
  • Set geo-fences and over speed limits

TrackX India Waterproof GPS Tracker for Car

TrackX GPS Tracker is India Waterproof Tracker. It provided a 1 Year Software License. This GPS Tracker is used in Car, Bike, and Truck.TrackX GPS Device are include Web Dashboard and Mobile App Subscription. 10 Best GPS Trackers for Car in India

Product Features

Brand                       CarX
Manufacturer  TrackX
Battery Capacity 170 Milliamp Hours
Operating System    Windows, Android
Country of Origin India
Customer Reviews 4.2 out of 5 stars

About this item

  •  The device is Real-time Location With 10 Seconds Update Rate
  • Real-time Speed Information and Overspeeding Alerts
  • TrackX GPS Tracker include 3 Years Trip History Data
  • Ignition ON/OFF Status



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