10 best pencil in India


10 Best Pencils in India

Best pencils in India is committed to manufacture. India export pencil to other countries also Hindustan pencils India’s biggest pencil manufacturer, are made of graphite and wood and are used for creating sketches, drawing and writing. many types of pencils made by India they have many brand of writing and color pencils. Most popular brands of pencils are Cokuyo Camlin, Hindustan ( Apsara & Natraj) and Maharashtra pencils ) . Pencil are most widely used for drawing and writing the unique benefit  for students we can easily used and erase for mistake and rewrite. various type of pencil in the market for example 9H to H, B to 10B or 12B, the meaning of H-hard and B-black. 10B is the softest and darkest ,9H is the lightest graphite pencil than 2H much lighter and harder than a Hb pencils. price for pencils 399.00 Economical store 91 packs of 4 pcs for kids and Apsara  shading 6 shades pack of 4 150rs.

Nataraj Half Size Colour Pencil - 10 Shades
Apsara Space kids Extra Dark Pencil
DOMS X1 Pencil 10 Pcs
Camlin Kokuyo Supreme Writing and Drawing Pencil, Pack of 10
Faber-Castell Ole Grip Super Dark Pencils - Pack of 10
SYN Unique® Paper Rainbow Pencil | Eco-Friendly Color Paper Pencil for kids Drawing, Writing and Sketching | Round Shape Pencils | (Pack of 10+2 free)
Deli HB Graphite Pencil, Writing, Drawing Sketching Pencil with eraser, Strong Grip Pencils for Beginners, Students, Art & Craft Soften Basswood, Stationary Item, Best gift for kids (12 Piece)
Derwent Precision Mechanical Pencil 0.5 mm with HB Leads and Erasers
No. 1 recommended stationary by teachers for children

Natraj color pencils details.Natraj color pencil

Nataraj color pencil 175 mm and 12 colors, It’s one one of the 10 best pencil in India This pencils used for drawing and arts natraj pencil are most popular in India. Nataraj pencil box in india is the best pencil.

Product details :-

  • Brand             –          Natraj
  • Color              –         Multi color
  • Material         –          Wood
  • Net quantity  –          100
  • Ink color        –          Multicolor


Apsara space kids extra dark pencil details

Apsara space kids extra dark pencilProduct details :-
  • Brand                              Apsara
  • Material                          Wood
  • Color                               Black
  • Point type                       Fine
  • Net quantity                   1 count
  • Item Dimension              20.3×2.5×2.5
  • Extra dark pencil.

DOMS X1 pencils details

DOMS X1 pencil

Extra dark pencil, graphite lead. this pencil use for student in the exams and drawing diagrams and writing Doms pencil are best for any type students and kids we can easily eras your mistake and rewrite. Best dark pencil for writing in India.

product details :-

  • Brand                                     DOMS
  • Color                                      black
  • point type                              Fine
  • Net quantity                          10 count
  • Material                                  Wood
  • Extra super dark pencil
  • Graphite lead
  • Writing
  • Country of origin- India

Faber-Castell Ole Grip Super Dark Pencil details

Febar castall ole grip super dark pencil

Faber castell pencil very useful for student and kids. this pencil is used for  writing and drawing. best pencil for using drawing and writing faber-castell polychromos price in India.
Product dedails :-
  • Brand                        Faber castell
  • Ink color                    Blue
  • Color                         black
  • Point type                  Fine
  • Net quantity              10 count
  • Material                      Wood
  • Country of origin : India

Camlin Kokuyo supreme writing and drawing pencil detailscamlin kokuyo supreme writing and drawing pencil

Best Extra dark pencil for writing in India. this pencil is very sharp for any type writing and drawing kids are also used for writing this pencil.

product details :-

  • Brand                                       Camlin Kokuuyo
  • Net quantity                             10 count
  • Item dimension                        55.9x 10.2×5.1 centimeters
  • Size 172mm length each

SYN unique paper rainbow pencil detailsSYN unique paper rainbow pencil

Eco-friendly color paper pencil for kids drawing writing and sketching. this pencil is non toxic and safe for kids using paper pencil you save trees cutting down and do you part of saving nature. This pencil are made inn India perfect for all arts.

Product details :-

  • Brant                           generic
  • Writing instrument     graphite pencil
  • color                            black
  • ink color                      black
  • material                       paper
  • Product color many
  • homemade pencil

Deli HB Graphite pencil detailsDeli HB graphite pencil

Drawing and writing pencil with eraser and this pencil strong grip for beginners students and arts & craft this erasable pencil are made of wood with the help eraser you can easily remove your wrong writing and rewrite.

Product details :-

  • Brand                           deli
  • Material                       Wood Basswood
  • color                            Grey
  • Point type                    bold
  • ink color                       Black
  • Be use to for a longer period of time not easily damaged.
  • Suitable for kids, teens, adults perfect for students School and college exams.

Derwent precision mechanical pencil detailsDerwent precision mechanical pencil

This pencil designed for sketching and drawing and derwent pencil perfect for maintaining grip and shape doing work. this pencil are slim and lightweight metal barrel 5 leads at on time

Product details :-

  • Brand                             Derwent
  • Color                              Black
  • ink color                         Black
  • age range                      adult
  • Material                         plastic
  • Point type                      Fine
  • Convenient metal pocket clip; Retractable thin lead

Apsars Art kit pencil detailsApsara art kit

Best color pencil for artist in India this pencil very useful for art and writing also. very types of sizes od this pencil.

Product details :-

  • Brand                                     Apsara
  • material                                  plastic
  • Net quantity                           1 count
  • item dimensions                     29*25.5*5.3 centimeter
  • Included components             art kit
  • No. 1 recommended stationary by teachers for children’s
  • combo set

full bonded lead, does not break when sharpening. Full bonded lead does not break when drawing and writing on the paper and this pencil are suitable for all kinds of writing and sketching by students, artist &professionals and darkest pencil in India.

Product details :-

  • brand                                   Nevneet Youva
  • color                                     black
  • material                                 paper
  • ink color                                black
  • Net quantity                          10 count
  • Point type                              Fine
  • Non-toxic

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