Best Fruit Juicer in India


      Best Fruit Juicer in India

We have Curated some 10 Best Fruit Juicer in India for you easy selection reason being. You must have heard the famous saying “ An apple a day keeps the doctors away” In our Diet the Fruits are always  considered to be the best of all the eatables. Fruits are nature’s best gift which has been given to humans . The Richest source of vitamins and minerals as they provide the body with bundle of antioxidants .when fruit juice is home made with the help of a juicer it is becomes more richer in nutrient .Even fresh and tasty which keeps you nourished specially in the summer session .

Nowadays there are many packed juices available in the market.which have a lot of preservatives and sugar in it. which defeat the nutrition value and lead to other health issues .

The Simple answer to this situation is to have the Best Fruit Juicer in India at  home . With which you can’t only get fresh  juice But also can do a variety of experiments in taste  with different fruits juices .This way you can also reduce your hygiene worries .


10 best juicer in india

Types Of Juicers :-

  • Centrifugal juicers: -These type of juicer use blades to Cut the Fruits and Vegetables to separate fluids of different densities or liquids from solids.You can Extract the juice by Straining the Pules Continuously.
  • Cold Press juicers:– These are the most common form of the juicer which are found every where .The process of juice extraction is  by pressing slowly the fruits and vegetables in juicer .This is Takes lot of time  but they preserve the nutrients of fruits as their low heat action . They Come as Twin gear Juicer or Single gear Juicer.
  • Citrus juicers: These Juicer are mainly for the Extraction of  Juice from the Citrus Fruits , the primary feature of this is as these have Manual extraction operation to get more juice and these are very handy and easy to maintain and Clean.


 List of Best Fruit Juicer in India :- 

Havells Nutri art slow juicer 200 w Feature And Specification  :-

10 Best Fruit Juicer in India

The Havells Nutriart Slow Juicer is an State of art product from the house of Havells . The Juicer with its stylish design is suitable for home  as well as the Restaurant Purpose. Made from the ABS Material and Have Copper Winding powerful motor of 200 w generating 70 rmp . To load the whole ingredient. Loading a whole fruit makes juicing convenient and fast .The Product is equipped With 3 pulp control settings-low, medium, high which  allows you to adjust your juice’s thickness and fiber content .It Has Tough and durable ceramic auger for better durability and performance. Auger helps in slowly crush ingredients  to extract natural juicing.

Key Feature :-

  • 2 years warranty from the Manufacture
  • Wider feeding chute Helps to load ingredient while loading a fruit makes juicing convenient
  • Perfect Choice for smoothies preparation.
  • Can Extract juice from fruits, vegetables, wheat grass, and soy.

USHA JMG 3345 Feature And Specification :- 

One of the most efficient and most robust product from the house of the Usha is USHA JMG 3345 Juicer and mixer Grinder. This is design in such a way that its function helps you in your daily encounter in the kitchen jobs , courtesy  it’s 100% Copper Motor of 450 W which impact the performance to the high level  ,along with detachable resistance jar and part make in very Easy to clean.

All in all this product offer versatility and quality that can handle multiple task .

10 Best Fruit Juicer in India

Key Feature :- 

  • 100% Copper Motor
  • Detachable jars and part for Easy cleaning
  • Impact Resistance Jars made of stainless steel
  • Warranty:- 2 years on product and 5 years on motor
  • Three Speed Option and  pulse function
  • Overload protector for motor safety.Locking System
  • Flow breakers, easy and faster juicing

Usha cpj 382s juicer Feature And Specification:- 

This Usha Cold press juicer is a silent , cool operator comes with unique low-temperature juicing technology which retain the freshness of all the nutrients of the fruits . It works a slow spin speed of 67 rmp which intacts the natural taste and all goodness of the ingredients. Comes with fine filters that allow you  to have a fresh juice with a hint of pulse.10 Best Fruit Juicer in India

Key Feature :- 

  • 2 years manufacturer Warranty
  • 200 watts juicer
  • Single motor
  • Full mouth Feeding tube
  • Spinning brush for pulpier juice
  • clog free operation
  • Retains more Anti Oxidants in Juice ,Safety Lock

Philips juicer HR 2777 Feature And Specification :- 

This Product Offers Tasty and fresh juices in a minutes time . Transparent 2 sized bowls allow  you to press any size (Large or Small ) of Citrus Fruits more Conveniently and Ease . You can Actually View the Juice Extraction in it.

10 best juicer in india

Key Features :- 

  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 25 watts Powerful Motor
  • 2 Way Rotation
  • Easy Clean
  • Cost Effective

Sujata Powermatic plus Feature And Specification:-  

Sujata is  equals  to the Value For Money deals with the  proven performance  from decades it has created an image of most trust able ,sturdy, and reliable Juicer not for home but also in retails Perhaps among 10 Best Fruit juicer in India  . This juicer comes with a unique honeycomb Mesh Filter for finer juice , Transparent and unbreakable jars , High Strength Stainless steel Blades that Cut the fruits faster and very Fine .

Sujata powermatic

Key Features : –

  • 1 year Manufacturer warranty
  • 900 watts Power Motor
  • Requires Low Maintenance and trouble free operations
  • Double ball Bearing Motors
  • 90 min continuous Running time
  • Retains Original Flavor of juice

Bajaj Juicer Majesty Jex 16 Feature And Specification :- 

If you want Ultra Fresh fresh fruit or vegetable Juice in a couple of minutes ,then Bajaj Juicer Majesty JEX 16 Extractor is the one you should look for . It is equipped with the powerful motor of 800 watts and comes with stainless steel mesh.  Easy to operate as its has 2 speed Controls . Has Additional Features like dual lock facility that improves the safety and comes with the 2 liters pulp collector and 1 liters of juice Collector.  so that you can Enjoy fresh and healthy juice at home .

bajaj juicer Majesty jex 16

Key Features :-

  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 800 watts Powerful Motor
  • 2 speed control
  • Backlit LED Control Panel
  • Removable and washable strainer and dual lock
  • Stainless steel juicing mesh
  • Dual lock facility that enhances safety


Bajaj Majesty JX4 Feature And Specification :- 

The ideal Kitchen Appliance for every Home Which can Simplify the Cooking as its a multi tasking ability .Its Simple Design allow you to make you quick and fast in your kitchen as its more User Friendly . we can define  this as professional Design with Efficient performance .

10 Best Fruit Juicer in India

Key Features:-

  • Warranty: 2 years on product with additional  5 years on motor 
  • Powerful 450 watts optimum speed motor
  • 2 speed control with inches for momentary operation
  • In-built pulp container
  • Spatula is given for easy removal of mix 
  • changing of blades. RPM: 18000
  • Super efficient Centrifugal Juicer
  • Food pusher for efficient juicing

Havells JMG Rigo Feature And Specification :-

The Juicer is a great complement to the good and active lifestyle it is designed to meet the basic requirements of all our culinary  with it’s two jar that can be  used as per the usability . This can be used as mix of juicer as well as Mixture Grinder .The Juicer Grinder consist of one blade jar for the Soft fruits . Has Stainless steel juicer mesh which is very safe and durable  .

Kuvings B-1700 Feature And Specification :-

The Most Efficient and Power pack Juicer Combination with Stunning technique that comes with all new  Kuvings B1700 Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer. 

The Juicer is equipped with patented Slow juicing mechanism . With it’s unique slow rotating masticating technology it efficiently cold press ingredient make 100% fresh natural juices and nut milk with maximum nutrient intact .  The Safety Lock system  allows it to work only if the main and body and drum are connected precisely.It  comes with a power pack motor of 240 watts with speed 50 RPM. Its Slim and Sleek Design saves a lot of counter space . The Translucent hopper enables an entire apple being juiced. It helps in two kinds of ingredients mix together for richer and various types of customized juices.

Kuvings B1700

Key Feature :- 

  • 240 Watts Juicer
  • Single Motor | 50 rpm
  • Slow-Rotating Masticating Technology
  • Patented JMCS Technology for Guaranteed Maximum Yield. At least 10% more juice than any other Cold Press Juicer.
  • Safety Lock Design
  • 240 Watts Powerful, Durable and  Quiet Motor.
  • 76 mm wide feeding tube.
  • Capable of cutting any Fruits, Vegetables, Leafy Greens
  • Capable of Crushing Nuts (Almond, Cashew etc) to get delicious Nut Milk.
  • Green Cleaning Tool helps in cleaning the Juicer in less then a minutes time .

Rico electric juicer Feature And Specification:-  

With Rico Electric Juicer put away all the bottles of packed assorted drinks and keeps you healthier and more refreshed . You are going to love doing a lot of experiments and making of different juices at a ease . An Ideal Solution for high speed life .

Rico Electric Juicer

Key Feature :- 

  • Rico Juicer looks good and is extremely easy to operate & maintain
  • Made of ABS Plastic Body
  • Powerful Copper 350w Advance Motor with low Noise Feature
  • Can Can extract juice from almost all fruits & vegetables
  • 2 Year Replacement Warranty
  • Two-speed option
  • Easy to clean
  • Anti Skid Fleet .

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