10 best calculator in India


10 best calculator in India

Best calculator in India is Casio brands calculator. We need every day many type of calculations and its difficult for big numbers calculator used for many types calculation like addition, subtraction, division, multiplication etc. best calculator company in India It is a device for the students and more businesses we use this device. various type of calculator in the market you purchase on your need the most popular calculator in the market is TI-84 plus scientific calculator designed for solve math and physics and engineer problems to use for the engineers and science students. the Casio company developed a calculator of many types calculation. it is useful tool. be at work and schools. calculator make your calculation and scientific studies you work easily with the calculator and the best calculator brand in India.

Stylish design but same feature as Casio FX-82ES plus 1st edition. Stylish design but same functions as Casio fx-82ES plus.
Casio FX-82ES Plus 2nd Edition - Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator, 252 Functions, Black
Casio MJ-12D 150 Steps Check and Correct Desktop Calculator
Best product for calculation
Casio FX-991EX Classwiz Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator, 552 Functions with Menu Driven Interface, Black
Casio FX-100MS 2nd Gen Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator, 300 Functions and 2-line Display, Black
Casio WD-220MS-BU Desktop - Water Protected and Dust Proof Standard Calculator
Orpat OT 1700T Check and Correct Calculator

Casio FX-82ms scientific calculator Details Casio FX-82ms scientific calculator

This calculator is scientific calculator, 240 functions and 2-line display, black You can use Casio FX-82ms select the correct mode to perform arithmetic operations, best calculator for any type of calculation best calculator company India.

Product details :-

  • Power source                                 Battery
  • color                                               black
  • brand                                              Casio
  • Model name                                   scientific
  • Material                                          plastic
  • Number of battery                         1 unknown batteries required
  • Logarithmic ,trigonometrical, combination and many type of mathematical functions.
  • color coded keypad for easy keys differentiation.
  • Work on one AAA pencil battery

Casio FX-82ES plus scientific calculator details Casio FX-83ES plus scientific calculator

Stylish design but same feature as Casio FX-82ES plus 1st edition. Stylish design but same functions as Casio fx-82ES plus. Casio FX-82ES easy to use and simple this calculator are provide many type of calculation for students. we can use easily for this calculator to any calculation best calculator in India.

Product details :- 

  • Power source                                          Battery
  • color                                                        black
  • Brand                                                       Casio
  • Material                                                    plastic
  • Model name                                             scientific
  • 3 years warranty by manufacturing
  • color coded keypad for easy to key differentiation
  • Premium content A variety of original CASIO content is available to make learning mathematics functions

Flair FC-82MS scientific calculator detailsflair FC 82 MS scientific calculator

Scientific calculator, 12 digits display, powered by battery.  this calculator are used for scientific calculation and arithmetic operations people also use a calculate to addition subtraction, division, multiplication, engineers used Flair FC-82MS calculator.

Product details :-

  • Power source                                           battery
  • color                                                         black
  • brand                                                        FLAIR
  • Material                                                    plastic
  • Number of battery                                   1 A Batteries required
  • Calculator type                                          Engineering/ scientific

Casio MJ-12D detailscasio MJ-12d

Regular keys like % square rood and memory operation symbol on display Casio MJ-12D is a desktop calculator the calculator comes with dual power battery and extra large display. casio  MJ-12D calculator are lovely  calculator for fast typing and people also liked his features. The calculator proved a very high speed input.

Product details :-

  • brand                                 Casio
  • Power source                     solar battery
  • color                                   gray
  • Item dimension LxWxH      14*12.3*3 centimeter
  • Display type                        LCD
  • screen size                          7 inches

Casio FX-991EX classwiz details casio FX-991EX classwiz

Non-programmable scientific calculator with 552 functions Up to four degree simultaneous and polynomial solver numerical  integration, statistic, matrix, vector calculation this calculator recommended for engineers polytechnic and other under graduate courses. color coded keypad for key differentiation Casio scientific calculator FX-991es India.

Product details :- 

  • Brand                                         Casio
  • color                                           Black
  • Power source                             solar, battery
  • Model name                               FX-991 EX
  • Number of batteries                   1 LR44 batteries required
  • Dual powered – solar & battery powered when light is sufficient.
  • Faster than any previous Casio Non- programmable scientific calculator.
  • 3 years all India manufacturer warranty

Orpat OT 512T electronic calculator detailsorpat OT-512T electronic calculator

Electronic calculator, 120 steps check display up to 120 previous calculation steps this calculator used for tax calculation, Automatic calculation of price tax, price less tax, tax amount, discount and margin amount. This calculator with a bid display make more data easier to read. it is very useful for every calculation.

Product details :-

  • color                                      cranberry
  • brand                                     orpat
  • model name                          macbook pro
  • Power source                          solar, battery
  • Material                                  plastic
  • Display type                           LCD
  • Auto replay : Automatically reviews the entire calculator
  • solar and battery : solar powered when light is sufficient, battery powered when light is insufficient.

Casio FX-100ms calculator details Casio FX-100ms calculator

12 digits, solves various type of operations like regression statistics, color code available. second edition comes with same features and new sleek design with curved edges which makes it compact and easy to carry. this calculator solve various type of operations like differentiation , statistics, regression etc

Product details :-

  • Brand                                              Casio
  • color                                                Black
  • Power source                                   Battery Powered
  • Material                                           Plastic
  • Model name                                    scientific
  • 3 years all India manufacturer warranty
  • comes with slide-on hard case
  • Drop resistant body with water resistant printing on keys.

Casio WD-220MS-BU desktop calculator details Casio WD-220MS-bu

Casio WD-220MS desktop calculator ideal of usage in open air markets, street stalls and other outdoor businesses. the calculator is a water and dust resistant with stylish look Dedicated keys for COST, SELL, margin and tax calculation

Product details :-

  • Power source                                  solar, Battery
  • color                                                Blue
  • Brand                                               Casio
  • Number of batteries                       1 lithium Lon batteries required
  • Model name                                    WD-220MS-BU
  • Dimensions (D*W*H) : 187.5*139*34mm
  • 3years all India manufacturing warranty
  • country of origin: philippines

orpat OT 1700T calculator details orpat OT 1700T calculator

best calculator for calculation Tax amount, discount selling price, Price less tax and the differences of squares calculator etc. big display  large display make more data easier to read the bottom lines has a LCD 10+2 character display.

Product details :- 

  • Brand                                           Orpat
  • color                                            Gray
  • Power source                               Battery
  • Number of battery                      1 Lithium metal batteries required
  • Item dimensions LxWxH              20*17*4.5 centimeter
  • computer key: computer keyboard type keys
  • Auto replay: Automatically review the entire calculation
  • 120 steps check display up to 120 previous calculation steps

Casio HL-4A portable calculator detailsCasio HL-4A portable calculator

Best calculator with large display and easy to read display, 3 years of manufacturing warranty this calculator is area calculator for four different sides and the best calculator brand in India.

Product details :-

  • Brand                                           Casio
  • color                                             black
  • power source                               battery powered
  • model name                                HL-4A
  • Display type                                 LCD
  • screen size: 13.5(W) * 36.96(L) mm
  • 3 years All India manufacturing warranty
  • Country of origin Philippines
  • Product dimension: 8.8(H) * 56(W) * 87(D)

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