10 Best Pencil in India


10 Best Pencil in India

The Romans are credited for introducing a writing instrument known as a stylus made of a thin metal rod. It leaves a mark on the paper, which could be read easily. There were other versions made of non-toxic graphite. Large quantities of graphite were accidentally discovered in the Lake District of England in 1564, making it indispensable in manufacturing pencils. Initially, India used to import various brands of pencils from Europe. In India, local manufacturing began in the 1950s with the wood being imported from California. This proved to be a very expensive affair. The best pencil brands in India have been more of a family business. Some of these family brands include Doms, Kokuyo Camlin, Hindustan (Apsara & Natraj) and Maharashtra pencils. These family businesses manufacture most of the pencils sold in India. Let us understand what makes a pencil still popular in this age and time and discover some of the best pencil brands in India.


Apsara Pencils

Apsara is one of the most popular brands and is a part of the Hindustan Pencils Group. These pencils come with a lead size of 0.5 mm and are made of very superior quality wood. They have a firm graphite base and a wide-ranging variety. The pencils maintained their humble and sleek finish for a long time, but with changing trends, you can now find them available with a more glossy finish. Some of these come with a finish of your favourite Disney characters. You can also find the best dark pencil in this brand which has a matt finish exterior. Apsara provides you with an extensive assortment and has carved a niche for itself in the pencil sector.

Some of its interesting collections include:

  • Apsara Absolute Pencils – Pack of 20
  • Apsara 10 Disney Princess – Pack of 10
  • Apsara Matt Magic Extra Dark Pencil – Pack of 100

Contact Address:

Himalayan Pencils

510, Himalaya House

Palton Road

Mumbai – 400001

Contact number: 91 9324325642

Nataraj Pencils

Nataraj is another creation of the Hindustan Pencils Group and one of the largest Indian manufacturers and exporters. A favourite among almost every household, these have a solid lead core crafted to perfection. The quality of wood is par excellence which gives the user a very strong grip. Nataraj pencils are easily recognisable by their red and ebony structure everywhere. The quality of lead is of the finest quality and toxic-free. These come in packs of 50 at very affordable rates. Nataraj Pencils are preferred across all age groups and continue to dominate the pencil industry. It is considered as one of the best pencil brands in India.



Camlin Pencils

One of the most durable and best pencil brands in India is Camlin Pencils. Quality lead, attractive variety and durability are the hallmarks of this brand. This is one brand where you can be sure of the original lead always in one piece. The experience of writing with these pencils is unique and a class apart. They are available in a variety of colours and come with a very arresting glossy finish. Their quality lead makes the process of writing a smooth experience. Easy to sharpen, you can find these in packs of 10 accompanied by an eraser and a sharpener. This highly reputed brand is ranked as one of the safest pencils for young users.

Some of its interesting collections include:

  • Camlin Kokuyou Supreme High-Density – Pack of 5
  • Camlin Kokuyou Supreme Triangular – Pack of 5
  • Kokuyou Camlin Elegant Pencils – Pack of 30

DOMS Industries Pvt. Ltd

If you are scouting for quality, sturdiness, variety and a good price in pencils, DOMS Pencils is the brand to avail of.  With a pan-India presence, these pencils are also available in 50 countries around the world. The acronym DOMS stands for Dynamic Organisation Manufacturing Stationery and true to this definition, these pencils are known for their soft and smooth lead and durable wood. Their superior bonded and quality lead coupled with quality wood offers a very comfortable grip to users. This 21-year-old brand has very speedily earned a reputation for quality stationery. It is ranked among the top suppliers of pencils in India. Some of their varieties are presented in specially designed plastic jars which make for a good gift item.

Some of its interesting collections include:

  • DOMS Fusion
  • Groove Metallico
  • Mumma’s Boy
  • Daddy’s Princess
  • Zoom
  • Zoom Triangle
  • Neon
  • XI, Y1 and A1 variants
  • Robust
  • Victory


Faber Castell Pencils

The activity of writing and writing materials is synonymous with Faber Castell. The parent company is based out of Germany and holds a 90 per cent share in the Indian arm which is known as A.W. Faber-Castell (India) Pvt Ltd. This pencil brand is among the top manufacturers of writing tools worldwide. These are unique because of their high visual appeal at reasonable prices. These come in packs of 10 numbers and are accompanied by an eraser as well as a metal sharpener.

Some of its interesting collections are:

  • Wooden pencils
  • Mart Grip Super Dark
  • Trenz Silver Strip
  • Ole Grip Super Dark

Pentonic Pencils

Pentonic pencils are considered as one of the safest pencils in stationery, especially when it comes to youngsters who have a habit of biting the rear tip of pencils. These are made of non-toxic materials, international quality lead and very durable wood. Users are able to make very dim strokes across any surface because of the inherent qualities of these pencils. Pentonic pencils are renowned for their high break-resistance and superior quality. You can sharpen them with ease and flaunt your clear writing to one and all. A Pentonic pencil makes for one of the best dark pencils for writing in India.

Goodwill Tech Pencils

Goodwill Tech is a unique brand that specialises in manufacturing pencils from recycled items. A highly environment-friendly brand, it promotes sustainability with a very meaningful message which is slipped in every pack of its pencils. It works as a wonderful reminder of how to preserve and not abuse Nature. The brand is known to use upcycled papers instead of the regular wood used in the manufacture of pencils. Goodwill Tech Pencils serve a dual purpose, i.e. of safe writing and preservation of trees. They are free of all toxins and make for wonderful gifts. You can find them being utilised across commercial enterprises and several households.

Some of its key offerings:

  • Recycled newspaper
  • Recycled Eco-friendly
  • Goodwill Tech Seed recycled newspaper variants


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